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Épilation Mesdames Messieurs was founded in 2011 by a passionate entrepreneur.

The company’s main goal is to provide permanent results for you to feel free from unwanted hair. Their unique approach and professional techniques will make you feel secure and confident. With Epilation Mesdames Messieurs, say goodbye to annoying body hairs. Come and meet our dedicated team today and offer yourself peace of mind with permanent hair removal.

Mesdames Messieurs stands out for its sharp expertise in hair removal. Our beauticians attend specialized trainings on a regular basis, in order to always stay informed of innovation and acquire the best technique. We use only the best tools on the market to deliver optimal results and thus ensuring your satisfaction.

Our Team

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Syntia Senécal

In 2011, Syntia started her own business Épilation Mesdames Messieurs.  She obtained her diploma in 2001 and was certified in 2011 as a laser hair removal specialist. Due to her hard work, her company quickly became renowned and grew. With her expertise in the aesthetic field and her various trainings, she is able to offer a unique and superior service.

Syntia is passionate about the industry and attributes much importance to physical and inner beauty. She created her business with the intent to provide the opportunity for everyone to feel better about themselves.  « When I was young, I had a major hair problem which really striped me of my self-confidence.  I can easily understand people’s concerns and my mission is to offer you a personalized treatment which will meet your expectations. »

«My personal goal is to build a strong team passionate about their work so you can feel confident during treatment.  Innovation and client satisfaction are my two priorities.  I promise to always do what’s necessary to achieve my goal»

Syntia Senécal


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Nathalie Dupras

With a degree in accounting in 2009, Nathalie has cumulated over 10 years of experience in customer service, particularly in fitness centers. Now, she also developed an interested in well-being and mental health. It is thereby the aspect of health and well-being that attracted her to “Épilation Mesdames Messieurs”: “my desire is to make people feel better in their skin. That is true happiness ! ”

“Everything happens for a reason,” she repeats. Its authenticity will give it the necessary skills to make your customer service experience at “Épilation Mesdames Messieurs” always enjoyable.

Call us and see for yourself! 🙂

Nathalie Dupras

Customer Service

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Melissa Bourdon

Graduate in aesthetics in 2001, Melissa worked a few years in the aesthetic field before wanting to specialize in laser hair removal. It is by experimenting herself with laser treatments at “Épilation Mesdames Messieurs” and by observing the remarkable results that she decided to join the team.

“For me, being a laser technician does not just mean providing a definitive hair removal service. It also means listening to my clients, interacting with them and sharing their life experiences.” It especially pleases her to know that the clients are happy with their results.

Mélissa Bourdon

Laser Technician

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Guylaine Prive

After working for 18 years at SkiBromont’s customer service and taking a break to look after her family, Guylaine decided to pursue her childhood dream of making a career in aesthetics. In 2018, finally trained in laser, she became a beautician. Today, she can proudly say that she lives off her passion.

The mission of Epilation Mesdames Messieurs is in total agreement with hers: “to help you regain your dignity, your confidence, your comfort, and this by listening to your needs and your goals. ”

“When I am told by customers that I have removed their biggest complex, I tell myself my mission is accomplished. I am a person who works from the heart. I like people to feel comfortable with me. I am excited to meet you! “

Guylaine Privé

Laser Technician

Nathalie Dubuc

Laser Technician

Noémie Vanier

Laser Technician

Évelyne Thibault-Lanctôt

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